Who We Are

Who We Are

Lofty Project Management (Lofty PM) provides a complete, end-to-end service including planning and research, site acquisition, design, approvals, construction and management services for residential projects. We focus on minimising risk and maximising returns for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our years of experience and expertise in providing financially viable project management services for developments ranging in size, scope and complexity. We strive to take the stress and difficulty out of your development journey, while identifying opportunities, mitigating risk, working in conjunction with you and acting wholly in your interest to produce a sound and successful development project.

For each project, we partner with our trusted network of industry experts, which enables us to streamline the development process, keeping your project moving forward. We will successfully manage your project from inception to completion or from any stage in-between and deliver a more personalised service as well as faster, better value and higher quality outcomes.

We understand the financial burdens of holding on to a development site for an extended period of time (holding costs). So we know that the longer it takes to complete the project the more it costs you. That’s why at Lofty PM we are proud to be renowned for our efficient processes and fast build times.

We consider our relationship with you to be just as important as the project itself, and we will dedicate the time to understanding your needs and desired outcomes. We believe in providing transparent communication so that you are kept informed and confident that your project is taken care of and in the right hands every step of the way.

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