What We Offer

What We Offer

Site Acquisition

Securing the perfect property is critical to the success of any development project. At Lofty Project Management, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify the potential within a site that others often overlook and our extensive market knowledge.  This allows us to find you the right property at the right price. We will find, inspect, review and negotiate on your behalf to identify opportunities and ultimately secure the best property for your project. We work to your detailed requirements, considerations and desired outcomes including budget, location, strategy and goals. Our ability to acquire premium sites is reflected in the ongoing success of our clients’ projects.

We are always seeking new Development Sites! So if you are looking to sell your site or are interested to know what your home could be worth contact us.

Feasibility Analysis

Do the numbers add up? Knowledge is power and a comprehensive Feasibility Analysis will inform, shape and uncover the viability of your project, providing information regarding what legal requirements need to be fulfilled, timescales and schedules, pricing and sales forecasts as well as market and project specific research. This due diligence will reveal the optimum development potential or highlight any development limitations for your site and allows us to deconstruct your project and execute it in a manageable and timely manner all while mitigating any potential risks. We carefully evaluate each site to ensure we can deliver sound development outcomes and achieve maximum ROI.

Development Approvals

At Lofty PM, we are known for our ability to make it happen for our clients and pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box. We utilise our knowledge, expertise and extensive network to ensure the efficient flow of projects from lodgement to approval. This includes the management of designs, plans, engineering, land division, liaising with all relevant parties and authorities, lodgment of the required applications and documents and ensuring all documentation complies with local and state Government legislation and expectations before lodgement in order to streamline this process and make it as straightforward as possible.

In its simplest sense, Development Approval ensures that your proposed development is appropriate for the area and is constructed in a safe and compliant manner. Development Approval can be made up of one or more types of consent and will not be granted until each relevant consent is obtained. These consents are typically:

Planning Consent is assessed against the Planning and Design Code and the specific planning requirements of the local Council and comprises the following factors:

  • The potential impact of the planned development upon adjoining buildings, properties and community.
  • Ensuring the development makes appropriate use of the land (size, shape, orientation, layout, zoning, etc.).
  • Impact on the character of existing buildings in an existing street or locality (the new development should enhance or keep with the appearance of the surrounding area).

Land Division Consent is required for any development that involves alterations of the boundaries of land, the division of land into at least two or more allotments or large-scale developments containing numerous allotments. Approval is required from the local council, State Government and statutory authorities before the required documentation and Plan of Division can be lodged with the Lands Title Office. Dividing land can be a complicated, costly and timely process which is why thorough due diligence and proper preparations must be made before commencing the division process.

Building Rules Consent is assessed against the Building Rules (Building Code of Australia, South Australian Housing Code and any other relevant Regulations and Australia Standards) by a private certifier or the local council. In general, this involves assessment of the building plans/designs for compliance with items such as:

  • Structural adequacy
  • Fire safety
  • Health and amenity
  • Energy efficiency

Once Building Rules Consent is granted and forwarded by the private certifier, the relevant local council will issue the full Development Approval.

Construction Management

We partner with Lofty Building Group for the construction of development projects because we know that securing the right builder is vital to the success of a project. The construction process has a lot of moving parts and requires constant attention, which is why having us support the builder and act as your eyes and ears on site is paramount. We will oversee the construction of your project, ensure that any issues that arise are resolved quickly to avoid any costly delays, keep the build running on time and budget, make sure all regulations are adhered to and all relevant certifications are obtained. We facilitate a clear line of communication between all parties to ensure your requirements and vision are maintained throughout the process.

Sales Agent Management

Lofty PM we will manage and support the real estate agents appointed for the sale of your project. We are also happy to assist you with finding and appointing an agent if required. Acting as your advocate and as a part of our commitment to you we will:

  • Utilise our experience to assist in the successful execution of an effective marketing strategy
  • Push to get the best sale price possible
  • Organise for cleaning and maintenance of the project while it is on the market
  • Organise for the home to be staged and styled
  • Liaise with the agents and provide frequent updates
  • Work with buyers to achieve their desired outcomes
  • Facilitate conveyancing documents and settlement

Trust is crucial when selling a property which is why a detailed marketing strategy and partnering with a reliable and flexible builder is a key consideration for your project.

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